So, you want to get involved with the development of OpenPLi? Welcome aboard!

How do we work?

Before you start, we suggest you create a thread on the forums, outlining your intentions. This way the maintainers of OpenPLi can see what you plan to do, give you advice, let you know if anyone else is working on the same idea, or help you determine if what you want is even feasible. This makes sure that what you intent to start, you can also finish. It also provides other people information about what has been added, fixed or improved.

When you start working, you can use your forum thread to inform other developers of the progress you are making. When finished, attach your patches to the thread, so the maintainers can have a look at it, and when the patch is approved, apply it to the mainline code.

Where to start?

There are a few starting points:

  • Howto setup your own development environment
  • Tickets: View active tickets, make bug reports and contribute feature requests.
  • Little, easy improvements: Get your feet wet by taking on one of these small tasks.

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