Open source set-top box software

Welcome to the OpenPLi website, we are a community project focused on developing software for open source linux dvb receivers using the linux operating system.

We currently support STB models from various vendors using the Enigma2 application. Information about specific models can be found in our wiki.

If you are interested in contributing to the code see our development information. Most of our communication takes place on the forums, so stop by there if you have any specific questions.

Official image downloads

ET4x00 ET5x00 ET6x00 ET7x00 ET8000 ET8500 ET9x00 ET10000
Spycat Spycat Mini Spycat Mini Plus Spycat 4K Mini
Star S Star 2S H.S H.2S H.2H Star H1 Star H2 H5 LC I55 H5.2S H3.AC H5.AC H5.2TC H3.2TC H7
Alpha Triple HD
Premium Twin+ Premium Micro Premium Micro v2
F1 F3 F4 F4 Turbo
Solo Duo Uno Ultimo Solo2 Duo2 Solo SE Zero Solo 4K Uno 4K Ultimo 4K
ET-7000 Mini ET-11000
OS mini OS mini + OS mega
Xpeed LX class S2/C
Fusion HD Fusion HD SE Pure HD Revo 4K Galaxy 4K
VS 1000 VS 1500
HD500C HD1100 HD1200 HD2400 HD1265 HD1500 HD11 HD51

Latest News


OpenPLi 4 release for the Vu+ Ultimo 4K

We’re happy to announce the release of an image for the Vu+ Ultimo 4K. After a limited time of testing, improving, renewed testing, etc. etc. the OpenPLi team finally succeeded in releasing an image for the latest Vu+ flagship the VU+ Solo 4K. This ‘monster hardware’ also is, depending the wishes of the enduser, equipped […]

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HansSettings E2 Channelsettings updated

Hans has updated his E2 channel settings, and made them public for you to download. You can find them in our Wiki on the HansSettings page. HansSettings are available by the feeds, so installing the latest list is easy done by a few clicks on your remote control. HansSettings now also available on Github here […]

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OpenPLI with JESS support from december 12.

Hereby we announce that from tomorrow, OpenPLi will have JESS support. For those not familiar with JESS, it’s a system comparable to Unicable, but with extended capabilities (more positions, more user bands). Users not employing Unicable or JESS equipment will experience no difference. For users that have installed Unicable equipment, unfortunately, they will need to […]

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Older News

OpenPLi releases VU+ Solo 4K image.
“C” library update causes massive package updates
De Historie van OpenPLi. Tien jaar zijn voorbij
The history of OpenPLi. Ten years have gone by
Die Geschichte der OpenPLi. Zehn Jahre sind seitdem vergangen
OpenPLi stops actively supporting Dream Multimedia STB’s.
SourceForge repositories migrated