If you are currently on OpenPLi 7.0 or 7.1, DO NOT USE software update, but use the "Flash Image" menu option!

Downloads for the Miraclebox Premium Micro

Due to lack of support from the manufacturer, we are no longer able to provide support for this brand, nor are we able to create new image releases for this specific hardware.
For the moment we will continue to build the earlier supported images, but from the moment assistance from the manufacturer is needed we will be forced to stop all support.

OpenPLi 7.2 » Stable release
2020/02/10 02:58 - 79.05MB
2020/02/03 03:15 - 79.05MB
2020/01/27 05:02 - 79.05MB

OpenPLi 6.2 » Stable release
2020/02/11 00:53 - 75.83MB

OpenPLi 4.0 » Stable release
2019/12/16 03:19 - 59.49MB