Improved flash error correction feature for the DM500HD, DM800HD, DM8000 and DM800HD-SE

OpenPLi just recently moved to the new SSL & drivers (mid Oct.). If you’re already running OpenPLi (not running a clone) it looks like the online update might update without first flashing the new secondstage-dm500hd-84.nfi.

It is recommended that you flash the new image for improved stability.

Starting today, images for the models DM500HD, DM800HD and DM800HD-SE include an improved flash error correction feature.

In order to benefit from the improvements, it is required that you either flash the new image with the latest version of DreamUP (V1.3.3.9) or flash a new second stage loader ( DM500HD DM800HD PVR DM800 SE , DM8000PVR) before flashing the image via your browser or other means.

If you use the online update functionality, the new second stage loader will automatically be installed after rebooting.

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