OpenPLi 3.0: from alpha to beta status….

We have decided  that our OpenPLi 3.0 builds are mature enough to be promoted to Beta.

Have fun using them!


  • if you are still using an OpenPLi 2.0 or 2.1 image, you need flash your box to upgrade to OpenPLi 3.0. You can use the plugin “autobackup” to help you out.
  • There will not be an OpenPLi 3.0 image for the DM7025 and DM800 (non-SE). Dream Multimedia has labeled these models end-of-file, and has stopped releasing new drivers for them.

Update November 12th 2012:

As it seems that some people have difficulties finding the (right) downloadlocation of the bootloaders, we decided to add them to this page. .

In some cases, depending which box and which previous version of bootloader you use at the moment, you’ll need, besides flashing this 3.0 image, to flash a new bootloader. You can find the right bootloaders, by clicking the specific brand. VU+ duo, VU+ solo, Xtrend / Clarke Tech all 9×00 models, ET5x00, ET6x00.

Update November 15th 2012

Added the location of the latest SSB of Dream Multimedia to this posting as it seemed that some people weren’t able to find them at the old location. OpenPLi just recently moved to the new SSL & drivers (mid Oct.). If you’re already running OpenPLi (not running a clone) it looks like the online update might update without first flashing the new secondstage-dm500hd-84.nfi.

It is recommended that you flash the new image for improved stability.

Starting today, images for the models DM500HD, DM800HD and DM800HD-SE include an improved flash error correction feature.

In order to benefit from the improvements, it is required that you either flash the new image with the latest version of DreamUP (V1.3.3.9) or flash a new second stage loader. All latest second stage Bootloaders can be found here. DM500HD DM800HD PVR DM800 SE DM8000PVR and DM7020HD  In case of doubt, always flash the latest bootloader first before flashing the image via your browser or other means.

If you use the online update functionality, the new second stage loader will automatically be installed after rebooting.

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