OpenPLi 3.0: new images!

As you can read in several topics, in our development email list and via our twitter account, we are working on a new major release: OpenPLi 3.0.

You can build them yourself from the repository, or install them if they appear in the download section. Since it is very much a work-in-progress, chances are you will encounter problems, so we strongly advice you not to install these images until we declare them ready for beta testing.

What are the benefits of OpenPLi 3.0:

To be honest: not a lot.

The new 3.0 images will use a new OpenEmbedded enviroment, based on oe-core. So there are no new user features or real user changes, it’s mainly an update of the build environment.

When the 3.0 images are at beta stage you need to reflash, you can not upgrade to 3.0 from earlier versions.

Update September 19th 2012:

Today we’ve upgraded the status of the OpenPLi 3.0 image to Beta. This means 3.0 is now the current image release, and 2.1 will no longer be build automatically.


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