OpenPLi releases VU+ Solo 4K image.

We’re proud to announce a new innovating product.

After a long time of testing, approvements, renewed testing, the OpenPLi team finally has succeeded in releasing their first image for an UHD Settopbox, in this case the new VU+ Solo 4K. Besides the possibility of receiving UHD broadcasting this first UHD receiver is equipped with a Full Bandwidth Capture tuner. A new technology which offers great advantages. Due to many changes in the original configuration of the FBC tuners it took a long time to release the image. But, with the combination national and international OpenPLi members, we think we created a fine image to release for our endusers. This doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. After the first evaluation there is always room for improvements. Undoubtedly (minor) errors will be found in the near future and besides that, we will look for possibilities to improve the present image. We hope that both our users and the manufacturer will be pleased with this first release.

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