Download Vu+Uno

You can find the latest firmware images for your receiver in the “Nightly Builds” section on the right. We do not release “Stable” versions, we consider the builds stable enough to be used on a daily basis. If for some reason there’s an issue with a specific receiver, the link will be shown in RED, and a link to a forum post explaining the issue will be shown on the download page.

Instructions for flashing firmware can be found in the installation section of the documentation.
2014/07/24 04:35 - 47.54MB
2014/07/23 08:13 - 47.53MB
2014/07/22 07:53 - 47.53MB
2014/07/20 04:43 - 47.34MB
2014/07/19 04:45 - 47.33MB
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